Pre-surgical Assessments

Pre-surgical Assessments

Here at Meridian Mental Health, we work with you and your surgeon, and other physicians to help create a holistic care plan that is unique to you. Our team can help you complete the many tasks that need to take place before you have surgery. Meridian Mental Health provides a safe space for a comprehensive health review, education about ways to improve your health before surgery, and a team to help answer any questions you might have about the process.

Getting a preoperative assessment allows our team to get a full picture of your current health status. This includes understanding what medications you take before the surgery. We then take a look at any medications you might need to take after the surgery and how they might affect you or your body. This helps us identify potential issues or challenges ahead of time. We then work closely with you and your team of doctors to develop and put in a place a strategy before your surgical procedure.

Having a pre surgical assessment can help prevent any last minute cancellations, set you and your team of surgeons up for success, and help with complications before or after surgery.

Most Common Pre-surgical Assessment

Long term weight loss is largely attained by changing gut hormone levels that are accountable for hunger, leading to a new hormonal weight set point. Some surgeons will require a psychiatric evaluation prior to surgery to make sure you are of sound mind and able to manage your physical and mental health after the surgery.