Our Team

Our Vision

A community where mental wellness is the foundation of a healthy society.

At Meridian Mental Health & TMS Center of Omaha, we are committed to helping individuals lead healthy lives. Often, we take care of our physical needs by eating well or exercising. Yet, when it comes to taking care of our minds, we often dismiss the importance. When we disregard our mental health, we ignore the very part of us that helps us to understand and accomplish our best selves. We are here to help you through your mental health journey.

Our Team

We Strive To …

  • Deliver a wide variety of services to support individuals and families impacted by mental illness in ways that help them move towards recovery.
  • Provide knowledge and referral services to navigate the intricate distribution structure that can hinder access to mental health services.
  • Promote mental health and well-being for all individuals through education.
  • Serve and always treat our patients with respect and compassion with a shared decision-making relationship. 
  • Allow our patients to feel proud about being associated with Meridian Mental Health & TMS Center of Omaha and our devoted staff.